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Thessaloniki was founded by Kassandros, king of Macedonia who gave to the city the name of his wife, sister of Alexander the Great.

The city is called the Bride of Thermaikos and the city of St. Demetrios.

The city is built around the Thermaikos gulf and is surrounded by the near hills of Hortiatis.

The city is filled with monuments from the Roman, Christian and Byzantine times. A famous monument and the symbol of Thessaloniki is the White Tower.

Other important monuments are the Arch of Galerius, the Rotonda-St. Georgios, the Church of St. Demetrios with its catacombs, the old walls of the city and many Byzantine churches.

Thessaloniki has a number of large and beautiful squares filled with bars and cafeterias, such are the Aristotelous, the St. Sofia and the Navarinou Squares.  




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